Beer Pong , America & Tailgating at Football Games

From college football to NFL games, the tailgating aspect of football is just as important as the game itself. It's where fans can hash out past rivals, share amazing grilled foods or toast to the upcoming game with a beverage! But where would tailgates be with out some of our favorite past times such as corn hole (bags), ladder ball, washer toss and of course beer pong! 

Beer Pong has made its waves through the tailgate circuit for years, but some of the biggest challenges for playing this game comes with available space to play, weather and other elements.

beer pong tailgate

Reality is a big gust of wind comes through and all your cups are all over the lot and a security guard is eyeballing you the rest of the time, or the sun is bolstering down on your game turning that Ice House or Natty Light into warm lager, and lets not forget that one guy in the lot chanting for his team and bumps into everything on his way to the port-o-potty! 

PORTOPONG can fix all of this!
That's right die-hard fans - simply inflate your table that rolls up easily in your trunk to become a table top surface anywhere you want to play. Toss it on top of 2 chairs, over the hood of the car, or hang it form your pop up tent (string is included). Warm beverages - NO PROBLEMO - add some ice cubs to each cub holder prior to inserting your red solo cups (sing it with me) and instant chilled beverages. What about the winds and that annoying guy bumping into things, that too is solved by recess cup holders. The wind wont be an issue and hopefully "bubba" bounces off the side of the table like a bumper car.

In the world of tailgating we hope to have solved most of these issues with our fun inflatable beer pong table, remember PORTOPONG is more than a pool float! It's year round fun.