The Mother's Day Prosecco Pong Challenge

Posted by Jerry Piscitelli on

Mothers Day Proseco Pong

This Mother's Day lets not forget that the Moms still wanna have fun too!

How many times growing up did you have a beer pong party and you think your Mom didn't know? Guess what - she did. One of your friends left a red or blue solo cup somewhere in the backyard, under a tree or smashed it on the way out and tossed it in the yard only for her to find it. And she was pretty nice about it and didn't yell... 

This year why not include the Mothers in on the fun and take America's classic college game and put a sophisticated twist on it by challenging Mom to some Prosecco Pong after Brunch.

Same rules in beer pong apply but try either clear solor cups if you don't want to mess around with the snap together champagne cups.

Obviously be responsible, have fun and enjoy your time with Mom.  Don't forget to tell her you will clean up the mess no matter who wins.


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