Rumchata Cinnamon Toast Crunch Boozy Holiday Treats

The holiday season is here! Rejoice and be glad! Tis' the season to remember others and spread joy.

But how do we cope with all this socializing and the new added stress of a holiday favorite songs like "baby it's cold outside" being in jeopardy of extinction in a "snowflake" filled winter! 

How better than with a nice sugary, boozy holiday treat! Hellooooo RUM-CHA-TA! 

What is Rumchata? 

It’s a white bottle with a gold cap and its filled with nectar from the gods! or... if you want to really know what's in the bottle; a vanilla, cinnamon rum based cream. Also known as “Horchata”. Be careful it can be addicting. 

What do I drink Rumchata with? 

Straight up or on the rocks is fine. I like it in my coffee too. But recently a friend invited me over for a Rumchata Fireball Crunch! Besides including a child hood favorite cereal it also had cake frosting and another fan favorite FIREBALL

See how to make this holiday treat below and be warned, you will have more than just one. Cheers!

Rumchata Holiday Boozy Drink With Fireball and Cinnamon toast crunch  Rumchata Fireball Crunch

Recipe For Rumchata Fireball Crunch:

  • Fireball
  • Rumchata
  • Vanilla Cake Frosting
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
  • Drink Shaker


  1. Spread cake frosting around glass rim
  2. Smash up some Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
  3. Roll frosting glass rim around smashed cereal
  4. Fill the drink shaker with ice
  5. Pour the fireball half way up the shaker
  6. Then pour rumchata to the top
  7. Shake well
  8. Pour into rimmed glass
  9. Top with whip cream and garnish with extra cereal