About Us

“Why didn’t I think of that!” – That’s what people are saying about PORTOPONG.

When we say be able to play beer pong or beirut any where on anything – we’re not kidding. Imagine playing in the pool or ocean. How about holding a match in your dorm room? Take your PORTOPONG camping or tailgating. The possibilies are endless. Simply inflate PORTOPONG for instant party success.

What ideas can you think of for PORTOPONG?

And by the way – this isn’t a beach ball or your mommas pool float – PORTOPONG is made from a extra thick vinyl to ensure long lasting party success.



PORTOPONG LLC was created March 2007 by Jerry Piscitelli and Sal Laudano, two friends who love beer and beer pong, plus love being creative with how they drink when on vacation.

The company released its idea to the world in May and soon after the product started to fly off the shelves and has been doing so ever since. We stand behind our product as being a quality made item – we choose to make our product from durable material to withstand those fun nights.

We also believe in friendships and partnerships – we look forward to meeting our fans at beer festivals or bar events, and enjoy the photos they send us of our invention touring the world with them.

We hope you enjoy our invention as it is 100% unique and will be the must have gift for any true beer lover. Are you that person?