Frequently Asked Questions

Read our list of frequently asked questions about the world's best selling inflatable beer pong table below. We have compiled these questions over many years of people asking the same thing over and over again, you are not alone! And if you don't see the answer to what your looking for... contact us here

How does a BOGO, Buy One Get One Free work? 

Simple, add (2) All American Portopong tables to your shopping cart, no code needed, and see the instant savings.

Once my amazing PORTOPONG table ships, how long will it take to get?

We ship Monday through Friday from our CT warehouse, sorry we like to enjoy our weekends and holidays too. The map below is an estimated shipping time chart for you to use for U.S. Ground Shipping. We do offer international shipping, on average it is 7-10 business days We also offer rush shipping if you need it faster.  


I don't have PAYPAL how do I order my table?

Don't worry - you DO NOT NEED a paypal account to order a PORTOPONG. We accept VISA, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover. We do however use paypal in the background as our card terminal - because it is the #1 safest way to conduct online sales. Please contact us if any problems or any questions - we can process the card over the phone if you need.

How is my order packaged, will people see what it is?

We got you covered here - no one will know your a party maniac! We ship in plain style boxes/bags, the label says PORTOPONG LLC and that's it. No worries.

Do you have a military discount? 

YES  - please read more about our military discount here.

How long does it take to get my order?

We ship with UPS/USPS from CT (who would have thought something so cool came from CT), so depending on your location it can take 2-5 business days from time of ship date. We typically ship every day (M-F). We do offer rush shipping during check out.

Do you ship to Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries outside the US?


How portable is PORTOPONG?

100% portable! We boast that you can take it with you anywhere and play it on anything. Our first take was for the pool, but when we realized that by adding our grommets to the sides you can hang it from anything or tie it to anything, and the portOpong.

How do I keep my drinks from getting warm in the sun while playing?

Take some ice cubes from the cooler and put them in the cup holders - then put your cups on top of the the ice cubes. Instant cooler.

Can I take my PORTOPONG tailgating?

Of course! PORTOPONG is ideal for tailgating it allows you to put it on your car hood or truck bed so you don't have to pack an extra tables, means more room for burgers and dogs! Or if you have a pop up tent you can tie the strings up to the corners

Is PORTOPONG only for the water?

No way - be creative. Try hanging it up from some trees or in a pop-up tent. Place it on any small table to make a bigger table. For tailgating toss it on the hood of your car.

Does the PORTOPONG float?

People do ask this question so that is why it is here. And the answer is 100% YES. It was the original idea.

Can I push the cups all the way down?

Yes you can. It was designed to hold cups and any height, including all the way in. (hint - try rolling the balls, like bowling).

Can I get a custom design?

Kind of! As we can only offer orders of 2000 units or more complete customization, we do have the ability to make a special decal for the corners - about $15 each decal. Contact us for more info.

Can I play beer pong or beirut with PORTOPONG?

If your into that kinda thing - YES you can play both games with PORTOPONG :) - we ask that you be safe and be smart at all times though. And if you choose to play with a frosty beverage make sure that you comply with local and state laws.

How durable is it?

VERY. We like to say college tested, college approved fun! The PORTOPONG is made from a heavy vinyl - not like a beach ball, more like a durable air bed. And yes you can sleep on it!

I am having the largest party on earth and it would be awesome if you gave us 20 free PORTOPONG tables - what do you say?

Sounds like a good party - you flying us out there? As we are sure your party is going to be awesome, we get lots of requests like this and do not endorse house parties, however if you are in the biz - why haven't you contacted us already.

Can you get a tight rack?

YES - but you need to use 20oz Cups.

Can you bounce on portOpong?

YES. It takes a bit more skill. You can bounce on the ridges, which will get some cool angle bounces or if you prefer to have straight bounces try taking a sheet of plastic or cardboard and laying it on top.