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Not All Pool Pong Rafts Are Created Equal
Know the facts! PORTOPONG invented the concept and created the world's first inflatable beer pong table in 2007.

At PORTOPONG we know you work hard and when you buy an inflatable beer pong table it is to make that weekend party a little better or vacation the one to remember, so when we invented the world's first inflatable beer pong table we made sure to include not just the best design concepts into our inflatable beer pong table but the best materials and develop a company and brand around our product. We don't want to just sell you a beer pong table - we want you to come back and be apart of the PORTOPONG world!

Why PORTOPONG is the best floating beer pong raft for your pool or cove party:

Recessed Cup Holders

This option offered the best protection against the elements while floating in the pool and when playing outside or indoors plus it ensures your cups will keep to a perfect rack each time.

Other inflatable beer pong table brands will use a webbing system inside a triangular cavity, though effective when a full rack is in place, not so much when you have cups in random spots - notice you see photos of PORTOPONG on the site with different cup configurations, the other brands not so much.

Ridges (The Air Chambers)

Some brands will try and explain why 13 is better then 6. Honestly it's the positioning and the strength of our table that allows for 6 air chambers in a vertical placement to be more sturdy then 13 horizontal chambers.

Once PORTOPONG is inflated it can be used out of the pool and suspended in the air. Take a look at the photo gallery to see 100's of examples, with other brands they make claims that you can do this as well, but not a single photo proves this....we wonder why?

Highest Quality PVC

testing portopong tables before shipping out

During our manufacturing process a table is randomly chosen and inflated 100 times to make sure that our seams hold air and you get the best quality tables. Our air valves are reinforced to ensure when you inflate the table that the valve doesn't fall off or tear.

Other brands claim they have a superior product - the truth is in the details. For example a PORTOPONG table weighs 5-6lbs compared to other brands who are 2-3lbs and charge you the same price.

That is why we say PORTOPONG is constructed from the thickest vinyl - because we are. It is similar to the high quality materials they use to make an air bed - this is NOT the same as buying a pool float or beach ball.

Grommets And Strings

PORTOPONG is built with 4 extra reinforced grommets that will allow you to tie your table down, suspend it, or anchor it while playing. This is important because after all it is an inflatable device.

Air Valves

Our inflatable beer pong table has 2 air valves. Grab any air pump you have already and use the larger valve to inflate your PORTOPONG in about 1-2 minutes. Be sure to not over inflate.


Ever wonder why all the other similar products are $49.99?

That's because we set the market price being the first ones to market!

Here is a look inside how we determined our pricing. We factor in the construction and materials we then shook a magic eight ball and it appeared. (kidding) We followed a specific business formula and once that came out to be overpriced - we asked around and the people we met at local bars told us how much was a fair price.

We did the best we could to offer a great product and a great price ever since 2007 when we launched.

Now you may see tables for less than $49.99 online so what gives?

Watch out as the quality in the materials may not be the same, our extra durable vinyl is comparable to an air bed - needing to withstand rough game play. As we got older we found the advice given to us by our fathers to be true -  you pay for what you get is always a good motto.

Now that you are an educated consumer we hope that we can meet your needs today and well into the future.

As we say at Team POROTPONG - Cheers!