Refund Policy


We offer a 10 Day Exchange Guarantee* on PORTOPONG.

Please email us at with (Return Merchandise Authorization Needed) in the subject line within 10 days of purchase date as well as a photo of the air valve cut out of your table to render it useless.

This is an inflatable product, anything outside the 10 day warranty does not have to be honored by PORTOPONG LLC or it's approved reseller network.

Think about it folks- we have no clue if you did a cannon ball with the keys in pocket on this item or your opponent lost miserably and decided to go zombie style on your PORTOPONG, we do understand things can happen and will work with all our customers towards the best resolution.


If you are within the exchange period and it's a product defect we will offer an exchange not a refund - if it's your fault - you must live with the shame!

PORTOPONG LLC. will exchange your product once we receive confirmation of the defect, a photo of the defect and description is required. Once we have determined the cause of your problems and a exchange is approved the customer is to cut out the air valve on their table and send us a photo making the original purchase un-usable. DON'T DO THIS UNTIL WE ASK. 


Once an exchange is initiation the Customer will receive an email to authorize shipping and assume shipping costs, there is no re-stocking fee or other hidden fees only the cost to cover shipping, we cover all other costs. All replacements are shipped with best possible solution. 


*10-Day Warranty Explained:

PORTOPONG comes with a 10 day warranty from time of purchase. Defects due to manufacturing or failure are covered under this 10 day warranty. The warranty does not include superficial damage or any use of the product that does not fall into the designed use of the product as intended by the manufacturer.

Warranty is void if things beyond our control happen as well. Here are some good examples:

* If a lightning bolt strikes your portopong - we wont replace it as a defect

* If you ran through the front of the house with your portopong sideways and the door jam rips it open (has already happened to one person)

* If your friend decides to cannon ball with their keys in his/her pocket

* You dropped your pocket knife on it

* You tried doing naughty things with betty-jo on it and now it doesn't inflate

* You were so excited to open your package you used a sharp blade and it put a tear into the table.

* You were at a party enjoying a smoke and you ashed on the table burning a hole into it.

* Someone said lets get kinky on the table - we would like to hear the story, but the replacement is on you.

* Or - how about - you left your portopong in the garage and it froze solid during the winter and you didn't thaw it out!