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It's Tailgate Time

NFL Football Sundays, College Game Day, Pro Lacrosse, Major League Soccer, Rugby Leagues and even concert goers have one thing in common - the tailgate!

This unifying event pre, post, and sometimes during our favorite pastimes include grilling of meats, veggies, assortments of food we want to eat any chance we can get, cold beers and lounge chair conversations.

But do you have enough space to pack everything you want in your vehicle?

That's where portOpong can help!

Our portable beer pong tables look like they are just for the pool or lake, but they go way beyond aquatic fun. Once inflated, our durable game board can support itself on any sturdy surface, try the hood of your car, or across two chairs even. 

Do you own a pop up tent?

Perfect - see the photos above. We use our tent to suspend the table with strings and S-hooks from inside the tent. Makes for an awesomely fun game. Try our signature last cup shot - the RODEO! Just swing the table for the last cup and see if you can hit the moving target.

beer pong tailgate

In Summary:

  • Table rolls up and folds compactly in car leaving more room for coolers, grills, etc.
  • Recessed cup holders prevent cups from being blown away during windy tailgates.
  • Toss ice cubes into cup holders prior to game play to keep games cool in the hot sun.
  • Play your favorite tailgate game on the hood of a car, on top of any sturdy base, or suspened in a pop-up tent.

We love portOpong but don't just take our word for it, read these review by:

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