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Watch Out For Counterfeits

Hey wait a minute, I have seen pool pong tables on other websites, aren't all floating beer pong tables made by PORTOPONG? 

Sadly NO... with sadness we have to report copy cats do exist, if you see a product that doesn't say PORTOPONG on it and the price looks to good to be true, chances are you are paying for what you get.... a counterfeit aka knock off product. 

We pride ourselves on being the inventors of the world's first inflatable beer pong table. When you buy PORTOPONG you are buying a high quality product that we stand behind, we want you to be happy, we want you to buy a honest product.

Some counterfeit companies including the ones state side are not selling you an apples to apples product. The quality of construction, product testing, development, all the little added extras that you can't see, including the thickness of the material used. We have customers who still have tables from 2007 they play with, we did not sacrifice on the quality. We would rather spend $50 one time vs $10 five times to replace something, but that is just us.

Thank you all for your support!