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6 Pack of Beer Pong Balls (40mm Seamless)

$2.99 $4.99

The Official Balls of Players Worldwide!

If you know anything about beer pong then you better know that the approved pong ball of champions around the world is a 40mm Seamless BP PRO Pong ball. You have seen these orange pong balls at your local gettho mart, gas station, corner store, and packy. But did you know that regardless the color of your balls they better be the right weight!

That's right - size matters here. 40mm Seamless is the only way to play. Feel these balls in your hands to feel the difference. 

    Included: 6 Beer Pong Style pong balls. 

    Great for playing ping pong, table tennis, beer pong, or any other games when a ping pong ball is needed. 


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