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Play Anywhere, On Anything!

Welcome to POROTPONG, home of the world's first inflatable beer pong table. Our invention is ideal for tailgates, backyard bbq's or simply playing poolside.
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The PORTOPONG Difference

  • 100% PORTABLE

    Take PORTOPONG with you on vacations or use it at home. The dual air valve system allows you to easily deflate your table and store it anywhere. 


    Recessed cup holders prevent your red solo cups from flying around the parking lot or spilling in the pool after a cannon ball. Unlike other brands who use cut outs our recessed cup holders add extra pong protection.


    We can't stress this enough. When you buy PORTOPONG you buy a product build to last. Our heavy duty air mattress quality vinyl is 5X stronger than generic brands. 


Is PORTOPONG for the pool only?

No way! PORTOPONG can be played anywhere on anything. It makes a great beer pong table for tailgates or house parties. Check out our photo gallery for more idea.

How durable is PORTOPONG? Will it break easy?

Our inflatable beer pong tables are made of 5lbs of heavy duty vinyl. This is not your generic pool pong table as seen around the web. Our product is the same quality as an air mattress. Not a beach ball. Still interested in learning more see our Pool Pong 101 details.

Aren't all beer pong floats the same?

That's a funny question, that's like as asking aren't all smart phones the same or what's the difference between name brand products and generic products. Take a look at our pool pong consumer education page to see why PORTOPONG stands out!