Are you packing the right water toys for the lake?

Are you always asking yourself, “what’s gonna make this trip amazing?!?”

It’s really not uncommon when planning any vacation to think this. But sometimes packing space becomes limiting and some items just don’t make it with you. 

Which bring us to water toys - pool noodles, loungers, basically any type of floatie is key lakeside item that really falls in the must have category.

But how about an inflatable beer pong table? Where does an item like this fall in your list of priorities? Sure, it would be amazing to setup a fun game of Beer Pong or Water Pong with friends and family by the dock. Watching neighbors and other vacationers stare wide eyed as you tow it up and down waterfront on the back of your watercraft can really add that little extra to a trip.

Poolside Pong at the Lake With PORTOPONG

But you already packed your lounger - can one justify taking multiple floats?

That’s where PORTOPONG comes in … designed for rugged play and measuring at 6ft x 3ft this durable raft is equipped with 22 cup recessed holders on one side for all day enjoyment and can easily be flipped over and used as a pool lounger. With grommets on each corner and strings included you can fasten yourself to most anything.

The PORTOPONG table can be played anywhere on anything and offers year round fun!