How to throw the ultimate end of summer pool party

Here's a look at the top 10 key factors in throwing that awesome end of summer labor day party everyone will be talking about until Octoberfest!


The PORTOPONG was designed to be played "anywhere on anything", however its initial design was for the pool. No one wants to see a bunch of dudes in a pool alone, so get on the phone and call up your top girls. A good girl to guy ratio is crucial. We suggest 3:1



This is a given, but it totally sets the tone for the party. Is this a Sam Adams or Stone Brewery craft beer extravaganza or is this your low budget Pabst Blue Ribbon or even worse Natty Light blow out!

Pool Pong in the Kiddie Pool


Any pool.... seriously... even using a kiddie pool is worth the investment? You are asking people to show up in bathing suits and have some water fun, you actually don't have to be all waist deep in the water to enjoy the water! Having a small pool is as fun as having a large in-ground pool. The little pool can have water blasters for everyones enjoyment. 



Do yourself a favor and keep them off the invite list. You'll thank us when your washing your sheets in the morning or when all the girls left because Tommy decided to show them the "gum" stuck on his shorts... 



This should be a no-brainer in todays world of Spotify and Pandora. Put on your favorite party mix channel and let the playlist flow, but if your looking to bring it back to the old school dust off your mix tapes and discman, and pump up the jam! Everyone loves some Salt and Pepper, Will Smith, and don't forget the Spice Girls! 


#6 BBQ

The ultimate party has to have a little somethin'

somethin' on the barbie... it's a focal point! So get that baby fired up! Food is crucial for success of the ultimate party, and will also assist you with upcoming "#9 LATE NIGHT PARTY"



Insure you have a few people arriving "fashionably late" as this insures to keep the flow of the party. 



By now we hope you have achieved the goal of the ultimate summer party status on everyones instagram feed, but now it's time the party needs to wind down slowly vs all at once to avoid mass chaos and broken house object.  Here's how best to achieve a thinning of the herd:

Identify a couple of people mentioned above "#4 D"BAGS" and a  couple of people mentioned above "#1 GIRLS". Connect the annoying, angry, rude, and prude types together. They will become uncomfortable together, very uncomfortable and ultimately leave.

Congrats you have now created the "VIP Group" and everyone left feels suddenly important, confident, special, and part of the "A" group. We know what your saying, we don't get it either but its something Dr. Phil would have fun analyzing.    

Now that the pool portion of the party is wrapping up, you can wipe down your  

Summer Pool Party

PORTOPONG and bring it indoors. You will thank us for the mess it will save you later, don't forget at this stage of the party the accuracy in throwing a ping pong ball has diminished and if you were playing beer pong on a piece of plywood or a folding table your best mates might knock the table over or the cups. With your PORTOPONG in play the recessed cup holders keep cups where they belong. 

So at this point your work should be done! Remember you've work hard to get here..... act like you've been doing it forever! As the host don't drink till you get the spins and certainly don't turn into a "#4 D'BAG". 


#10 WAKE UP!

Time to grab a cup of OJ and a gallon of coffee - or is it the other way around? Walk through the house, make a quick mental note of where everything should still be and who has ended up sleeping on the couch vs the floor. Burn all bed sheets and break out the Breaking Bad jump suits it's time to decontaminate the home! 

But now until after you go and look at all the amazing party pics on your social media accounts!

We hope a few land at