Battleship Beer Pong

B12. F1... You sank my Battleship!

A true classic from many '90s childhood. This classic game recently has been brought to our attention and has many PORTOPONG fans asking us can we improve on this game. 

Granted the idea of floating mini boats with cup holders is intriguing. The game in an aquatic setting however would just be a free throw showdown, which sounds pretty cool too.

Beer Pong Battleship we think is best played on land, similar to what the folks below have done. Simply layout a grid on a table with masking tape or draw a 10x10 grid over a sheet of paper. Second thought, we suggest going to the Dollar Tree near you and getting a plastic table cloth and use a sharpie. There is bound to be some wetness on the table. Next label the ROWS A-J and the COLUMNS 1-10. 

Next gather14 Solo Cups each and some bottle caps. Place your cups as you would the actually pieces the aircraft carrier piece (this should take up five cup spaces,) the battleship (four cup spaces), the destroyer (takes up three cup spaces) and the patrol boat (the smallest with two cup spots).

Use pennies or bottle caps to track spaces you have missed. If you call the right cup once it has been emptied is placed upside down.