What Makes PORTOPONG The Best Beer Pong Float You Can Buy?

"Which beer pong float do I want to buy?"

This is a question many ask when performing their online searches for the best damn floating beer pong table money can buy! Now YES we are a bit biased and think PORTOPONG is the best. Naturally being the inventors of modern day inflatable beer pong tables we would think this. 

When we came up with our idea how to play beer pong in the pool back in 2007, the first thing we said was it can't be cheaply made. It has to be as durable as an air bed, simply becuase we know games can get heated and all hell can break loose. We went with a thicker style vinyl material. Other brands from our experience use the same materials in those dollar store pool floats. So even though the price may be right to you online, expect to buy a new one each season. Maybe that's your style. But with PORTOPONG we are still rocking the same tables we had made back in '07! 

Other factors that make our table the best bang for the buck - we are 6f, the perfect size for tailgating and/or just lounging in the pools. Our pool float has a two types of air valves. One for puffing by breath (we suggest only use this for adding a few more puffs after long period of play) and a valve (known as a boston valve) designed to be used with a air pump of choice. The larger valve also when un-capped allows for rapid deflation. You don't want to hold the mouth piece forever to let the air out. I personally can think of a million better things to do with my time.

And lastly - our cup holders were designed to fit 20oz Red Solo Cups for the best rack. Certainly you can use smaller cups, but keep in mind every cup maker has a different diameter. Being a fixed rack your cups will have gaps depending on size and height placement. But for the best rack in town (like in the video below) use the standard! 

We did warn you we are biased, but we do have our customers and fans in mind when we say you get what you pay for and we hope you pay for a PORTOPONG beer pong floatie!