Best Summer Toy Of 2016

What is the best summer toy of 2016?

Memorial day has come and gone, now comes the planning for epic summer concert series, 4th of July parties and pool party fun any time we can. With so many cool toys out in the world we know you can spend countless hours on Amazon reading reviews and searching for the best damn summer toy of 2016.

Will this year be the year you go all in and get the drone for your pool with an underwater cameras? Or will your friends convince you to back a kickstarter campaign for spray-on edible bikinis that wont ship until winter of 2017! 

Your choices are becoming endless so we are here to remind you that the world's first inflatable beer pong table is not a bad option! Our PORTOPONG pool pong raft will offer you countless summer memories and even a place to sleep when the party is over. And don't forget our motto - "Play anywhere on anything". That's right - take your table with you tailgating too. We know how to make your investment in fun stretch!

But we totally understand if you rather buy a pool noodle or a crappy floatie every year and replace it vs. buying a heavy duty quality inflatable beer pong table!  

Best Summer Toys Of 2016

And YES, we know this to be a shameless plug in hopes to lure you in to our shop!