Floating Beer Pong Tables and Spring Break...

spring break in vegas with portopong

Let's layout the obvious - you are headed to a destination that is probably warm, has plenty of pools, maybe even a swim up bar, and you are basically looking to meet new people. Yes - thanks to apps like Tinder it is now easier to meet these new friends, but how about being a true bro and going the extra mile and create some awesome memories for later on after the hook up. That's where portOpong comes in... 

With our awesome party tables you can take the game of beer pong from the dorm room to the hotel pool bar! Simply inflate anywhere you want to play and let the fun begin. And if you are short a bed just flip it on over and double up as an air bed!

spring break south padre island with portopong

Top 10 Spring Break Locations:

  1. Cancun, Mexico
  2. Lake Havasu, AZ
  3. Acapulco, Mexico
  4. Miami South Beach, Florida
  5. South Padre Island, Texas
  6. Panama City Beach, Florida
  7. Nassau, Bahamas
  8. Jamaica
  9. Cabo San Lucas
  10. Las Vegas, NV


Floating Beer Pong Tables on College Spring Break

Don’t Be a Fool, Know the Rules 

It’s always better to better to be safe, then sorry. Especially when you’re going on a spring break trip, take that advice. No matter your destination, whether it’s Cancun, Bahamas, Miami, or Puerto Rico, it is always important to know the laws of the place you’re visiting before you begin to party hard. Nobody wants to spend a night in a Mexican jail cell with a big guy named Pablo. It’s important to have fun but at the same time know the legal drinking age. Do you want to be that one friend in the group that has to stay in the hotel room while the rest of the group goes out clubbing? Or how about you try to score some good drugs after a long night of partying and you go from Spring Breaker to Spring Busted. It’s important to have a good time but at the same time keep it safe.  

cancun spring break with portopong

Passports and Resorts 

Many of the top destinations for Spring Break trips are out the United States. If you plan on traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean by air, you will need a passport.  It is important to plan trips much in advance because it can take up to 2 months to get a passport. So if it’s time to bounce for your trip and you have no papers, your shit outta’ luck. There is good news however if you do not have a passport or don’t feel like dealing with the hassle. There are many top destinations for spring break trips that do not require passports. Within the United States and our Territories, fly passport free to St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Or save some cash and drive to Florida. Florida’s South Beach is full of young party people waiting to have a good time. Panama City is also another big party spot in Florida this year too. Go big or go home at South Padre Island in Texas, lay out on the beaches of the Gulf Coast and enjoy the rapidly improving nightlife. Did I mention that while you’re considering what to pack for your trip to remember that a portOpong can fit easily into your suitcase for instant hotel room/pool party ideas