6 Tips & Tricks for Your Inflatable Beer Pong Table January 12 2017

You've purchased your POROTPONG inflatable beer pong - you are set to go on the most amazing vacation ever or whoop it up at the tailgate, everyone stops by to ask you about this amazing invention... now what... 

Sound like one of the inventors when people stop by to jaw drop at your fun.

Tip #1 - Don't be a savage when the package arrives. 

Open your PORTOPONG with love and care. If it's cold warm that baby up. Any pool float is made of materials designed for warm weather activities, your table will take shape and form better if its not a block of ice.

Tip #2 - Botox is not the answer.

It's OK to have some wrinkles when you first inflate the table, if you over inflate your table because your are trying to match the amazing photos we use on our website, just be patient. As we stated in step 1, warm weather will help tighten that son of a b$tch right up for you after you inflate. Don't keep shoving the air pump in for an injection of air.

Tip #3 - Mouth to Mouth.

Yes we know you bought an air pump so you don't have to use lung power to inflate a 6ft inflatable air bed of fun. But once you have inflated your pool pong table a few final puffs from your lungs can give you that desired look and buoyancy your looking for. 

Tip #4 - I've played for hours and it's sagging!!

Someone was too busy partying during science class to remember how cold air reacts to hot air and displacement happens. After using your table for a long period of time if you notice the table is not as inflated as it was when you first started, take a moment to add a couple of puffs orally and you'll be good to go.

Tip #5 - Shoving it in doesn't make it right.

By this stage your tab

Tip #6 - Warm beer is gross. :(

We agree. Who wants to drink any hot beverage on a hot day. We do hope however it doesn't take you hours on end to clear 10 cups from the table and become the world record holder for the longest game of a single beer pong match. So how do we avoid the heat being absorbed by the sun into your table... simple... ICE IT DOWN!

Ice your beer pong cups down

The cup holders each have enough space from the top to the bottom for you to add a few ice cubes under the cups and turn them into coolers. Keep the bottom of the cups chilled during game play.